Session 1 – Crowd Optimization (15 min for each presentation)

19 Oct 2019, 13:30pm – 14:30pm, Room Ganlu, Session Chair: Yadong Huang

Title: A Method of Acquiring Accurate Information from Fuzzy Demand
Author: Yadong Huang, Yueting Chai and Yi Liu

Title: Optimizing Information Sharing in Crowd Networks based on Reinforcement Learning
Author: Xiaoni Wang, Zhiwen Pan, Zhouxia Li, Yifan Du, Yuanlin Zhu, Wen Ji and Feng Yang

Title: Endogenous Combination of Reward and Punishment Promotes Cooperation
Author: Jun Qian, Xiao Sun, Yueting Chai and Yi Liu

Title: A General Simulation Framework for Crowd Network Simulations
Author: Jialin Zou, Hongbo Sun, Baode Fan and Yongguang Zhao


Session 2 – Crowd Economy I (15 min for each presentation)

19 Oct 2019, 14:30pm – 15:30pm, Room Ganlu, Session Chair: Xiao Sun

Title: Analysis of Industrial Internet Firm Size Based on Transaction Efficiency
Author: Li Wang

Title: Statistical and Machine Learning-based E-commerce Sales Forecasting
Author: Wenxiang Dong, Qingming Li and H.Vicky Zhao

Title: Is the Development of E-commerce Spatially Relevant?—A Spatial Econometric Analysis
Author: Di Qiu, Wenjun Jing and Yi He

Title: Bluffing in Price Bargain Promotes Resource Utilization at the Individual Level but Leads to the Imbalance of Social Welfare
Author: Xiao Sun, Jun Qian, Yueting Chai, Yi Liu and Tongda Zhang


Session 3 – Blockchain (15 min for each presentation)

19 Oct 2019, 16:00pm – 17:00pm, Room Ganlu, Session Chair: Yuan Liu

Title: Using Blockchain and IoT Technologies to Enhance Intellectual Property Protection
Author: Lin Jun, Wen Long, Anting Zhang, and Yueting Chai

Title: A Blockchain based Smart Agent System Architecture
Author: Yuan Liu and Tianzhi Yang

Title: An Empirical Study on the Correlation and Volatility between Bitcoin and Blockchain Index——Based on Granger causality test and GARCH-class model
Author: Tuotuo Qi, Tianmei Wang, Jianming Zhu and Ruyu Bai


Session 4 – Crowd Intelligence and Learning I (15 min for each presentation)

19 Oct 2019, 17:00pm – 18:00pm, Room Ganlu, Session Chair: Yong Liu

Title: A Credit Model in the Crowd Intelligence-Based Transaction Network
Author: Zhishuo Liu, Nianci Kou, Zhuonan Han, Ziqi Dong and Dongxin Yao

Title: The general model of atom-type simulation members in crowd network
Author: Zhaoyu Han, Hongbo Sun and Baode Fan

Title: A Web Crawler-based Consensus Analysis system for Cross-Border Products
Author: Xiao Zhu, Yinsheng Li and Xu Liang


Session 5 – Crowd Intelligence and Learning II (15 min for each presentation)

20 Oct 2019, 13:30pm – 14:30pm, Room Ganlu, Session Chair: Budhitama Subagdja 

Title: Improved Firefly Algorithm and Its Application
Author: Jiming Ma, Haoyang Chen, Rijian Su, Yan Wang, Song Zhang and Shijiao Shan

Title: Comprehensive Data Management and Analytics for General Society Survey Dataset
Author: Zhiwen Pan, Shuangye Zhao, Jesus Pacheco, Yuxin Zhang, Xiaofan Song, Yiqiang Chen, Lianjun Dai and Jun Zhang

Title: Hybrid Breadth-Depth Search Algorithm in Crowd Transaction Network 
Author: Zhishuo Liu, Ziqi Dong, Fang Tian, Fan Zhang, Nianci Kou, Dongxin Yao and Lida Li

Title: A Hybrid Book Recommendation Algorithm Based on Context Aware and Social Network
Author: Huayong Liu, Nianlai Jiao and Mingming Zhang


Session 6 – Crowd Applications (15 min for each presentation)

20 Oct 2019, 14:30pm – 15:30pm, Room Ganlu, Session Chair: Yundong Cai

Title: The Key Considerations In Building A Crowd-testing Platform For Software Developers
Author: Qamar Naith and Fabio Ciravegna

Title: The Influencing Factors of Public Opinion Diffusion Behavior in Public Emergencies —— Moderate Role of Government Information Publishing Strategy
Author: Xinxue Zhou, Yuning Zhao, Tianmei Wang, Linlin Guo and Wa Niu

Title: Tag Information Recognition Approaches and Algorithms for Cross-Border Products Checking
Author: Dunsheng Chen, Yinsheng Li and Xu Liang

Title: On the Determinants of the Business Model of Online Ride-Hailing Market
Author: Hang Liu, Peng Yang and Baowen Sun


Session 7 – Crowd Economy II (15 min for each presentation)

20 Oct 2019, 16:00pm – 17:00pm, Room Ganlu, Session Chair: Jinghuan Zhang

Title: The Impact of Internet Real Estate Intermediary Platform on the Real Estate Market ——Empirical Evidence from the Natural Experiment Shock of the Central Bank Interest Rate Cut Policy
Author: Wenzhan Zhang, Dongmei Guo, Shaofei Chen and Bing Li

Title: Socio-economic impacts of new transaction models:A survey
Author: Shunbin Zhong, Leiju Qiu, Yi He and Baowen Sun

Title: Internet of Service – the Business Operating Environment of Crowd System
Author: Shuangxi Huang, Zhixuan Jia, Yushun Fan, Taiwen Feng, Ting He, Shizhen Bai and Zhiyong Wu

Title: Which kinds of online reviews predict the online purchase behavior?
Author: Jinghuan Zhang, Wenfeng Zheng, Yukang Su and Xiaoye Xu


Session 8 – Crowd Behavior (15 min for each presentation)

20 Oct 2019, 17:00pm – 18:00pm, Room Ganlu, Session Chair: Leiju Qiu

Title: Analysis of Knowledge Providers’ Learning Behavior: A Case Study of Zhihu Live
Author: Tuotuo Qi, Tianmei Wang, Yanlin Ma and Nuo Chen

Title: How “task-individual fit” influences user contribution behaviors in citizen science
Author: Jiayan Guo, Jian Tang and Xinxue Zhou

Title: Two Ways of Peer Interactions Affecting Academic Performance
Author: Yin Li, Leiju Qiu and Baowen Sun

Title: The Influence of Group Type and Scale on Group Decision Efficiency under Different Voting Mechanisms
Author: Tianyu Feng, Yueting Chai, Yi Liu and Xiao Yu


ICCSE’19 paper to be presented in joint session:

ICAA-Session 1: Technological Applications in Healthcare (15 min for each presentation)

19 Oct 2019, 16:00pm – 17:00pm, Room Furong, Session Chair: Yonghui Xu

Title: Deep Transfer Learning For Abnormality Detection
Author: Jie Wei Kong, Yonghui Xu and Han Yu

Title: Intelligent Network Application in Computer-aided Diagnosis
Author: Tiantian Miao, Yuhong Shen and Feng Yang


ICAA-Session 3: AI Empowered Healthcare II (15 min for each presentation)

20 Oct 2019, 17:00pm – 18:00pm, Room Furong, Session Chair: Xinjia Yu

Title: A Patient Outcome Prediction based on Random Forest
Author: Shan Yang, Xiangwei Zheng and Feng Yuan